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what is social prescribing?

In Social Prescribing practice, trained workers "prescribe" holistic health resources to primary care patients by connecting them to personalized social services and local communities.

Providers work to improve patient nutrition, physical activity, and mental health by centering patient interests and needs.

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our three pillars

Freedom from stress, access to essentials and engagement in social and physical activity are all essential to health. In countries like the UK, physicians can heal holistically through Social Prescribing. Our purpose is to formalize the same practice in the United States.

Curating an open-source knowledge base

Curious? We've compiled 100+ links and resources on the Social Prescribing movement. Whether you're looking to take charge of your health or integrate a new program in your practice, you can start here.

Building community around patient-centered care

Join a community of academics, healthcare workers, nonprofit leaders and technologists at the front lines of social wellness. Social Prescribing virtual and IRL events are a space to learn, connect, and share ideas.

If you’re interested in bringing social prescribing to your practice, campus or neighborhood, we’d love to hear from you!

Launching Social Prescribing Fellowships

Social prescribing uses trained workers to curate community resources that support your patients’ long-term health needs. By focusing on behavioral health and access to basic needs, link workers can save costs and improve patient outcomes.

We partner with health systems and trained specialists to make social prescribing programs accessible in the US.

  • Receive guides on how to train your staff
  • Access to a peer network to troubleshoot and share best practices

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