About Us

Our mission is to make social prescribing available to every American by 2035. Our team of volunteers aims to act as the movement’s catalyst. We build practitioner communities, bridge sectors to collaborate, and support passionate healthcare leaders as they fundraise and implement social prescribing in their clinics. See our efforts covered in Time Magazine.

We work in affiliation with the UK’s Social Prescribing Network, the Global Social Prescribing Alliance led by the United Nations, and our community of advocates across the United States. Reach out to connect!

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Dan Morse - Founding Director, Cofounder

Dan is working to advance social prescribing (doctors prescribing community activities such as arts, nature, and volunteering) in the United States. Social prescribing is being scaled nationwide in the UK, and Dan is working closely with its originators to spearhead American adoption. His team of volunteers are coordinating a US grassroots physician movement, creating a network of 400+ experts, exploring a major prospective pilot study and inaugural US social prescribing conference in collaboration with Professors at Harvard, Stanford, University of Michigan, reps from hospitals, Cleveland Clinic, Mass General Hospital and more. He was the lead author on the Global Developments in Social Prescribing published by the British Medical Journal.

Alan Siegel, M.D. - Medical Director, Cofounder

Dr. Alan Siegel has worked since 1999 as a Family Physician within the Bay Area’s Contra Costa Health Services (CCHS). Over the past decades, Alan has pioneered many new programs related to social prescribing at his clinic including Nature Rx, Walk with A Doc, and the Expressive Arts Training Program focused on healing through creativity. A 2019 UCSF Champion Provider Fellow, Dr. Alan also started the Bay Area’s Health Leads Program to address social determinants of health. He serves on the board of the National Organization for Arts and Health (NOAH) where he initiated the Clinical Well-being & Burnout Working Group.

Delia Beck, MPH - Cofounder

Delia drove national adoption of Social Prescribing in the UK in her role at Sport England, is a public arm's length government body that invests up to GBP 300 million National Lottery and government money each year in projects, programs and campaigns that help get people active and playing grassroots sport. Delia developed and implemented key strategic partnerships, including cross-funder/government collaboratives spanning health and wellbeing, and leading the organization's response to the Social Prescribing agenda.


An incredible cross-disciplinary group of advisors are supporting the movement.